1 week ago

I watched this yesterday in the theater ,it was awesome, decent amounts of action a emotional. Its was just as gd as the last movies. g

War for the Planet of the Apes
1 week ago

i love this

5 days ago

i hate apes

4 days ago

I hope the apes didn't look too animated 🙄

1 month ago

You what? This movies is awesome. I would think that F&F would dead now after their 8th movie. But no. F&F 8 has exciting scenes in 15 mins and the anticipation keeps you concentrating. Awesome movie. Lets see what F&F 9 is saying (if it comes out) !!

The Fate of the Furious
1 month ago

Its not as authentic as the king kong in 2005 ( . kong is over sized, there are some dead jokes in the movie. But the movie is very decent. Some nice scary scene like the spider scene. In my opinion its not as go as the previous king kong, but it still a great movie. 3.5 maybe 4 stars.

Kong: Skull Island
1 month ago

I watched this because it was on the plane, but i normally never watch romance. But this is awesome. If your into history, action or romance movie you'll like this movie. The story is about two spies who gets married during world war 2, one of them is suspected to be a spy for the nazis & the other partner has to trick there mate into finding out if they are a spy for the Germans. FYI, some sexual scenes & one unforeseen seen porn scene (when there at the house party).

1 month ago

This movie was just sad

3 weeks ago

I know right