1 month ago

90 days to wed,is actually funny, people looking for love in a foreign country and they have 90 days to decide whether to marry each other before go back home (visa last 90 days) . If your into reality shows you'll like this.Just watch

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days
2 months ago

I watched this yesterday in the theater ,it was awesome, decent amounts of action a emotional. Its was just as gd as the last movies. g

War for the Planet of the Apes
2 months ago

i hate apes

2 months ago

I hope the apes didn't look too animated 🙄

1 month ago

Nrr, it looks real. All animated movies now, look very realistic.

3 months ago

You what? This movies is awesome. I would think that F&F would dead now after their 8th movie. But no. F&F 8 has exciting scenes in 15 mins and the anticipation keeps you concentrating. Awesome movie. Lets see what F&F 9 is saying (if it comes out) !!

The Fate of the Furious