2 months ago

*** spoilers *** Wilson have Cancer, now House should be diagnosed with Lupus, and that would be the major irony of this show *** spoilers ***

House S08 E018
2 months ago

rah! what???

2 months ago

As a fan of the original Death Note anime I am very disappointed in this film. It was poorly acted, horribly paced, and the drama felt more edgy than composed. The characters personalities were completely changed to the point where I didn't see why they even bothered maintaining the original names and The events of the story were changed so drastically I forgot that I was watching Death Note. In the original anime both L and Light were very calm and rational in how they made each decision, creating a suspenseful psychological drama, but in the film both of them do things that were very out of character and essentially made no sense. Overall this felt very rushed and poorly directed, I wouldn't be surprised if the director had never even heard of the original anime before doing this film.

Death Note
2 months ago

I'd give a higher rating, but The Simpsons's died long time ago and should have ended when it had some dignity left. Now every episode seems like the same. That said The Simpsons was solid stuff years ago. It was funny, touching and thought provoking. Best episode that comes to mind must be Bart gets an F

The Simpsons
2 months ago

Back to the Future is funny and has a great story line. Yes it's cheesy in parts but only a little. The 2nd and 3rd are very good as well but the first is definitely the best. Christopher Lloyd is brilliant in it. He portrays a mad scientist very, very well. Best time machine film I've seen. Michael J. Fox plays Marty, a cool kid who is eager to get into the music industry very well as well I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!

Back to the Future
1 week ago

Can u believe I've acc never watched this movie